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In today’s world, globalization is the newest trend and polyglots are leading the way. With the massive growth of technology and the increased use of the internet, it is easy to cross boundaries and learn several languages from different countries.

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A polyglot is someone who can speak or use several different languages. However, there is no specific definition of the number of languages and the level of fluency needed to earn this designation. Interestingly, people who speak more than two languages know and feel the advantage of this unique knowledge.

Being a polyglot is a mental exercise that requires special effort and discipline; however, this mental exercise can transform your thoughts into sentences and express yourself more clearly in any language of your choice.

If you want to explore the world, learning new languages will help you achieve that goal, additionally; it will also help you to become more aware of your language.

Effects of being a Polyglot

Better Job Opportunities

Finding a job can be difficult and speaking another language is an added advantage while hunting for jobs. This is because, there might not be jobs in your home country, but speaking another language grants you the opportunity to search for jobs in other countries.

In addition, you will be able to communicate easily with foreign business partners and you will not be limited to doing your business in only one place.

In other words, being a polyglot is a passport that will open every border for you, not to mention that speaking more than one language is a skill highly valued by employers.

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Better Traveling Experience

Almost everyone has a bucket list of countries to visit sometime; however, traveling to other countries can pose several risks such as expectations in accommodations to miscommunication and simple instructions that are misunderstood by locals, and many more.

These risks boil down to the language barrier, however, if you know the language of the country you plan to visit, you can eliminate the language barrier and have fewer miscommunications with the locals.

Good communication is an essential aspect when traveling, so learning the local language is a great way to have a better travel experience overall. That way locals will most likely be more welcoming and forthcoming to you once they find out that you can understand them and speak their language.

Good Brain Exercise

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The brain, just like our body, needs consistent and good exercise because it is like a muscle, so the more you use it the stronger it gets.

Learning a new language is a good exercise for the brain because it improves your brain by increasing your multitasking capabilities, giving you a longer attention span, and can even delay the onset of dementia.

In addition, cognitive abilities in areas like reading and verbal fluency also improve significantly.

Overall, the more languages you learn, the more exercise and benefits your brain will have. There is simply no downside to being a polyglot or to learning a new language or languages.

This is because being a polyglot brings an opportunity for a better and more fulfilled life as your horizons become wider, you will be able to understand other cultures, expand your business opportunity and enjoy every single benefit of it!

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This article was first published on 9th May 2022


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