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  Plentywaka started as a bus-hailing service where users can book the use of a bus within the metropolis of Lagos. Now, it is looking to expand its offering into other logistics domain by partnering with a transport company.
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Plentywaka has announced it will be partnering with the interstate bus company, G. U. Okeke & Sons (GUO) Transport, to expand its reach. Plentywaka already has a fleet of buses being hosted on their platform totalling about 250. The tech startup company has completed over 350,000 rides in the last 20 months. Its business model before the GUO partnership was to allow investors/transport enthusiasts to list their buses on the Plentywaka platform while receiving returns on their investment on a termed basis. Bringing GUO into the equation now will open up new routes on Plentywaka’s inter-state offshoot – Travelwaka – through their mobile app. Nothing less than 200 additional routes are expected to be launched as 600 new buses will be onboarded from GUO’s fleet. There is, however, a consensus that this partnership will be mutually beneficial to both GUO and Plentywaka. GUO on one hand would not have to build and maintain proprietary tech which commuters/travellers will be using to discover available inter-state buses online; while Plentywaka, on the other hand, will not need to buy more buses or depend on investors listing their buses for their inter-state expansion.
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In the end, GUO Transport would have achieved giving more of their inter-state travellers a faster way to do a price comparison from a range of travel competitors. Interested travellers will also now have the opportunity of booking their inter-state ride remotely and through their mobile phones or PC without getting to the bus park/terminus. God is Good Motors (GIGM), another major bus and logistics company already runs a near-similar tech-enabled platform that allows investors to place their buses on its inter-state network. Kobo360, another Nigerian-founded haulage logistics company has also gained traction in the domain of aggregating available trucks and trailers for those in need of cargo services. This development may have just encouraged more solutions-providing for the logistics and transport sectors, following after the likes of Kobo360, Wakanow’s, and GIGM. Featured Image Source: Business Africa Online
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This article was first published on 21st June 2021


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