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Running a business may seem quite easy when it’s done physically. But what of when the business/service is conducted online and across international borders? Even with the recent technological advancements, getting paid for services rendered online and across international borders is still not as easy as it should be.

In order to help make this process easier, Paystack has launched a payment solution for Shopify merchants.

According to Techmoran, Paystack is providing Nigerian online retailers with storefront payment processors and checkout apps that allow online merchants to receive payments from customers using local and international payment methods.

Speaking on this, Ezra Olubi, Co-founder and CTO of Paystack said, “Paystack’s mission is to transform and overhaul the interaction between business and consumers and to build a payments product for Africa to act as a catalyst for the continent’s online economy. Like us, Shopify sees massive growth opportunities in Nigeria and the rest of Africa when it comes to online commerce, and the first step for unlocking the continent’s potential is to develop a safe, reliable payments infrastructure that is trusted by both merchants and customers.”

Also, Joel Bronkowski, Strategic Partnerships, EMEA at Shopify said, “We’re thrilled with the opportunity in Nigeria and Paystack’s launch will further allow merchants in the area to benefit from Shopify.”

Hopefully, this would increase the ease of conducting transactions internationally.


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This article was first published on 18th November 2016


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