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Nigeria, a country rich in cultural diversity and ethnic groups is also home to amazing cuisines. The Yorubas, predominantly found in the Southwestern part of Nigeria, are well-known for their love for food and culinary. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes another yummy food from the Yorubas known as Ekuru.

Ekuru is a meal native to the Yoruba people in Nigeria. It is usually prepared with peeled black-eyed beans. Like moi-moi, it is prepared from peeled beans. It does not require pepper and other spices before steaming, and it is cooked in leaves or tin cans.

Making the ekuru.

Ekuru, also know as ofuloju or white moi-moi, is common amongst people of Kwara and Ondo states which is said to be the home of this special delicacy. The meal is a typical south-west Nigeria diet which is high in protein and vitamins.

Ekuru is simple to prepare and the beans are quite accessible which makes it affordable. It can be served in any kind of native ceremonies such as marriages, naming ceremonies amongst other indigenous celebrations.

Different variety of beans such as black-eyed beans and brown beans is used in making this dish which is usually peeled, then and grounded.


This meal is one of the numerous ways of enjoying beans. Ekuru has a sour taste and is usually served with fried pepper stew and then mashed up with the pepper stew. Some people enjoy the meal with fermented maize pudding (Ogi/Eko/Akamu) or Okro Soup.

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This article was first published on 29th October 2018


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