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  2023 witnessed a dramatic shift in the global venture capital landscape, with the Nigerian tech ecosystem reflecting this turbulence. After securing a record-breaking $2.4 billion in funding in 2022, the past year saw a significant decline, leaving entrepreneurs and investors grappling with a new reality. However, as 2024 unfolds, for a Nigerian tech startup, hope persists, fueled by inherent resilience and the potential for strategic adaptation. Similarly, here are 9 key predictions for Nigerian tech startup funding in the coming year:
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  1. Continued Cautious Optimism

The era of unchecked exuberance is over. Investors will remain cautious, prioritizing profitability and sustainable business models over mere growth potential. Startups demonstrating clear pathways to monetization and traction will stand out, attracting selective investments focused on long-term value creation.
  1. Early-Stage Focus Intensifies

With valuations down and risk appetites dampened, investors will likely direct their attention towards seed and Series A rounds. This signifies a return to nurturing young, innovative ventures with solid fundamentals, fostering a more robust pipeline for future growth.
  1. Sectoral Shifts

While FinTech still holds promise, funding may gradually diversify into other sectors. AgTech, HealthTech, and EdTech, addressing critical local needs, could see increased interest due to their potential for social impact and long-term growth.
  1. The Rise of the “Experienced Founder”

Startups led by founders with proven track records and industry expertise will gain an edge. Investors will seek experienced leadership capable of navigating challenging market conditions and demonstrating a clear understanding of their target audience.
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  1. Increased Emphasis on Data and Metrics

Data-driven decision-making will become paramount. Startups with robust data infrastructures and the ability to demonstrate quantifiable impact will be better positioned to secure funding. Building trust through transparent data utilization will be crucial for attracting investors.
  1. The Local Investor Advantage

Local venture capitalists and angel investors, with a deeper understanding of the Nigerian market and its complexities, could play a more prominent role. This collaboration between international and local investors can foster valuable synergies and ensure funding aligns with local needs.
  1. The Power of Collaboration

Partnerships and strategic alliances between startups will become increasingly valuable. By pooling resources and expertise, they can mitigate risks, expand reach, and present a more compelling proposition to investors.
  1. The Rise of Alternative Funding Channels

With traditional VC funding tightening, startups will explore alternative avenues like crowdfunding, debt financing, and angel investments. Government initiatives fostering innovation and access to capital will also play a crucial role in supporting the ecosystem. A beacon of hope for Nigeria’s tech scene is the appointment of Bosun Tijani as minister. A leading tech figure himself, with CCHub standing as a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit, his understanding of the industry from the ground up is bound to benefit the growing ecosystem.
  1. Building Resilience Through Innovation

This period of cautious optimism presents an opportunity for Nigerian tech to refine its focus and build greater resilience. By innovating solutions for local challenges, developing strong governance, and fostering a culture of sustainable growth, the Nigerian tech ecosystem can emerge stronger from the current climate.
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In conclusion, 2024 is unlikely to be a record-breaking year for Nigerian tech funding. However, it can be a year of strategic recalibration, adaptation, and renewed focus on building sustainable, impactful businesses. By embracing cautious optimism, prioritizing fundamentals, and diversifying their approach, Nigerian tech startups can navigate the shifting landscape and lay the foundation for future success. Remember, a challenging environment often breeds the most innovative and resilient solutions. This is the time for Nigerian tech startups to rise to the occasion and show the world its true potential.
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This article was first published on 25th January 2024


Nnaemeka is an academic scholar with a degree in History and International Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He is also a creative writer, content creator, storyteller, and social analyst.

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