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There is no better way to recall memories or capture events than the use of photography. In a society like Nigeria where the art or practice of photography is accorded less respect than it deserves, few individuals find the profession interesting and invest a lot of time and energy into making ends meet with the use of their cameras.

Photographers are notable for capturing events, but there is more to the profession. There are individuals that tell their stories and make the world hear their voices through the use of pictures, a single image could tell a thousand stories. Dayo Adedayo is a Nigerian photographer that has stood out unique among others, he plans to change the narrative of Nigeria with the use of pictures.

With nine books about Nigeria’s history and culture to his name, the self-acclaimed “Mr. Nigeria’’ says he has visited all the 774 local governments in Nigeria, taking shots in a bid to properly showcase Nigeria to the world. Describing Nigeria “as the best secret in the world,’’ part of Dayo’s motivation comes from the world’s desire to see Nigeria as the largest black nation in Africa. The prolific photographer also noted that he has taken over four million pictures of Nigeria with his sights set towards doing more of West African documentaries.

There is no local government in Nigeria today that I haven’t been to… But there are pictures that no one has never seen on Nigeria and I can give you several examples that will blow people’s minds.

Dayo Adedayo

Dayo Adedayo

Brought up in Ogun State, South Western Nigeria, Oladayo Adedayo studied at Ijebu Ife Community Grammar School, Ijebu Ife, Ogun State. He went on to obtain his first degree in General Agriculture from the former University of Ife, now called Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife. In pursuit of his dreams in the photography world, Dayo travelled to the United Kingdom to gain formal training through the study of Photography in Westminster College and the University of Westminster. In what would go on to become a successful career, Dayo started his career as a photographer in the United Kingdom, doing social and portraiture works. Seeing the unlimited opportunities present in his native country, Nigeria, he switched into documentary and landscape photography, fully devoting his life and career into documenting the most populous black nation on earth.

I saw the opportunities. Nigeria is still on ground zero in terms of photography and if anybody comes in today, into that profession, that person will make a lot of [impact]. Nigeria is the best kept secret in the world. I lived outside the country for so many years and I know what it is like outside the country. Yes, we have challenges, no doubt about it. But those challenges as far as I am concerned are business opportunities.


The year 2009 marked his debut publication on Nigeria’s history and culture. His works include, Tour Nigeria, Ogun State-The Gateway state, Enchanting Nigeria, Lagos State-The Centre of Excellence, Nigeria 2.0, Yoruba pPverbs, River State-our proud heritage, Nigeria, and Nigeria the Magical. Evidence of the photographer’s talent lies in the fact that he has been official photographer to the Federal Government of Nigeria for years, a position he still occupies.



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This article was first published on 30th July 2019


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