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It is common knowledge that before a doctor or physician treats a patient, he must first determine what exactly is wrong. This is called diagnostics, the focal point of healthcare. Sadly, in third-world countries like Nigeria and most African countries, there is hardly adequate healthcare infrastructure for screening and testing of patients. Ultimately leaving a gap for health tech platforms like Healthtracka to emerge.

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Healthtracka is a home lab testing platform based in Lagos. It was co-Founded by Ifeoluwa Dare-Johnson and Victor Amusan in May 2021 as a web solution. To help individuals and companies book lab tests online, have their samples collected at home, and get their results via email within 2 days. This testing gives them insights into the health of the user.

Healthtracka recently raised $1.5 million in seed funding. After it participated in the Techstars Toronto accelerator program last year October. In that same year, it partnered with Fleri Inc., an insurance tech startup in the United State. To provide healthcare for their loved ones in Nigeria. Also, Akazi Capital invested an undisclosed amount in Healthtracka in 2021. The seed round was led by Hustle Fund and Ingressive Capital. While Flying Doctors and Alumni Angels Alliance participated. These investors were mostly from venture capitals led by women.

Product Offering

As stated above, Healthtracka offers a website where individuals can book their lab tests online, have their samples collected at home and get their results via email within 48 hours. The tests include:

STD tests: This package includes 7 tests ranging from15000 naira. They can test you for gonorrhoea, hepatitis B, Hiv etc.

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General health check: This package includes 17 tests and ranges from 15000 as well. Some of the tests include liver function tests, kidneys, etc.

Domestic staff package: This package helps people test their house workers. It has 8 tests which include Hiv, pregnancy, and tuberculosis. The price goes also goes from 15000.

Other tests include prewedding tests, female hormone tests, male fertility tests, heart health, metabolic panel tests etc.

How healthtracka works

Healthtracka sends its phlebotomists to customers’ homes to draw samples. Then they take the samples to lab centres where they are tested. However, the centres must meet the standard ISO laboratory accreditation. Then doctors review the results and diagnose. If the test results are worrying, healthtracka connects the patient to specialists for further consultation.

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But they are required to pay extra since the test payments cover only the phlebotomist’s visits and diagnosis. Healthtracka’s network of phlebotomists has increased 20x since its launch to over 100. And according to Dare-Johnson, the company has delivered close to 7,000 tests at home. Its revenue is growing 30% month on month as a result.

Growth and Traction

The new funding will usher the platform through its next growth phase. Firstly, it will help its plan to scale its business to business to consumers model. This means telehealth platforms, hospitals and pharmacies in Nigeria can deliver at-home testing to their customers through APIs. Instead of Healthtracka doing so directly. Secondly, it is launching subscription plans for its retail customers. Thirdly, the health tech company is looking to extend its presence beyond seven Nigerian cities to Kenya and Ghana before the end of the year.

Bottom line

If you need a test done due to certain health conditions or you want to do your regular health check-up. But you don’t have time to visit the lab. Healthtracka is for you. They will come to your home, take your samples and send your test results within 48 hours. They are affordable and trusted by over 10,000 Nigerians so you can count on them to conduct a thorough screening.

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This article was first published on 27th June 2022


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