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Nigerians have continued to prove their ingenuity globally in the field of arts with exceptional and eye catching works that thrill the globe, and leave people begging for more.

In a country of over 300 ethnic affiliations with diverse languages, and rich cultural heritage, it is no surprise that extraordinary artistic inventions emerge from the West African nation because an artist’s environment or society plays a huge role in the outcome of their works. In a digitalized world, artists from the most populous black nation have seized the opportunity presented by technology to showcase their uniqueness to the world. Data Oruwari is a great example and proof of Nigeria’s mastery in the field of art.

Oruwari and the Google Doodle

Oruwari’s recent Google doodle on Nigeria’s National Female Football Team (the Super Falcons) for the ongoing FIFA Women’s World Cup in France has earned her great applause. The doodle, which depicts the unity of Nigeria’s beautifully diverse culture through music and dance, is exceptional as it reminds the world of Nigeria’s strength in diversity.  Oruwari equally captured how football can serve as a tool for uniting the globe as it is common in Nigeria for citizens to forget their ethnic affiliations when it is time to watch and support any of the country’s national football teams.

Been on a Haitus….but didn’t want my Nigerian community to miss seeing themselves represented on today’s #Google search page. I was commissioned by the @Google doodle team amongst 24 other female artists to create with the theme ‘This is how we celebrate our national team in the Women’s World Cup.’ It was important for me to express how our beautifully diverse cultures unite through music and dance when time comes to celebrate our own…Kudos to our all star #SuperFalcon team. Go get em ladies.


Data Oruwari

The Brooklyn-based visual artist, creative strategy consultant, user experience designer, and energy healing enthusiast was born and raised in Lagos State, Nigeria. She earned a Bachelors Degree in law from University of Lagos and a Masters Degree in Business/Branding from the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. Data did not study arts in school; it was borne out of her passion for creativity.

Despite the challenges associated with mastering the arts without formal training, Oruwari has emerged on the global scene as one of the best. Her father was equally an artist, little wonder someone who by training should be solely practicing law is an artist instead!

Teaching myself has been the greatest challenge because, here in Nigeria you don’t have access to self-help videos. I had to rely on YouTube, Skill Share and external resources to teach myself the things I know…When teaching yourself, you just have to go around, it’s a messy way to get to where you want to get to… Anyone thinks that they have a lot of talent, I say they express themselves. You really don’t need a degree. Art is something that comes from you, so I think anybody who just wants to do it should go for it by themselves.


With consistency and hard work, her works have been showcased at group exhibitions such as:

  • “Afro Frontal’’ at the White Cloud Gallery in Washington, DC (2016),
  • “Panorama Contemporary Art Fair’’ in Lagos, Nigeria (2016),
  • “All Black Everything’’ at the Window Studio Community Art Center in Brooklyn, New York (2016),
  • “Standing Out II” in 2017 during the SMO Contemporary Art Gallery in Lagos, Nigeria.

Alongside 75 other Nigerian female artists, Oruwari was featured in Chukwuemeka Ben Bosah’s book titled “Art of Nigerian Women.’’ Data is proof to youth globally, and Nigerians especially, that the human being is limitless.

See some of her works below:

Title: Adanma

Title: Crowned


Data Oruwari Instagram Handle @data_oh

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This article was first published on 14th June 2019


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