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As much as we would love to believe the coronavirus pandemic is over, it is not. People are still dying and mourning this festive season. It is important we are mindful of the times we are in while celebrating being alive and having another shot of life.
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As we draw closer to 2021, we can’t help but look back at 1918’s influenza debacle and how it affected the holiday seasons. First were the restrictions and next was the disregard for safety rules which lead to more deaths and eventually the subsiding of the virus. The difference is, we have been dealing with the coronavirus all year and only now are we in Nigeria experiencing the second wave. Howbeit, the palliative looting has clarified that such strict restrictions are not the best course of actions for Nigerians because of the high poverty level in the land. To mitigate against these, the Presidential Task Force has come up with some guidelines that will affect the options we have for celebration this season.
  • To halt the spread of the virus by inbound travellers, there will be enforcement of compliance with the NPI protocols, especially the wearing of face masks in public places.
  • The Nigerian Immigration Service are to work with the PTF in imposing sanctions on travellers who violate travel protocols by refusing to take the post-arrival COVID test.
  • To curb community spread, all non-essential travels (both domestic and international) during the holiday season are discouraged.
  • Citizens are advised to avoid reckless behaviour during this festive season. Gatherings of more than 50 persons should be held outdoors only. Social events such as weddings, concerts, conferences, sporting activities, congresses, office parties, and end-of-year events should not be over 50 persons in attendance.

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  • Transport systems, social and religious events should have less than 50 percent of their facility’s capacity in compliance with social distancing rules.
  • Mandatory use of facemasks should be enforced strictly alongside increased sensitization through the media.
  • All bars, nightclubs, event centres, recreational venues, and pubs will be closed for the next five weeks.
These rules are going to be enforced by the state government and the Federal Capital Territory. This means enforcing these rules with resources and legal consequences are all up to the state government of each state. The implication is that some states might revert to border closures again like the last time, which is why domestic travel is being discouraged. Others might deploy mobile court to try offenders of the mandatory rules as a way of enforcement. While it is safer and better to stay home, many people have not seen their families all year because of the pandemic. Some have already travelled and others intend to do the same one last time before the year ends. So if you must travel, learn the modalities related to the pandemic wherever you decide to travel to. Adhere to the rules. Wear your facemask when out and about, avoid crowded destinations and events, and have your hand sanitisers close by. If you must travel, try to do so in a private car and spend more time outdoors than in enclosed spaces. Whatever you do, stay safe so we can see each other again in the New Year, 2021.   Featured Image Source: VOX
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This article was first published on 24th December 2020


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