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Hello dear readers, how are you doing? I hope that you are doing great. You know that you are very blessed to be here, don’t you? You know that you are blessed to be alive. Blessed to be able to eat, think, sleep, walk, see, feel, and touch.
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A lot of things that we take for granted are actually blessings when we reflect on the fact that there are millions of people who wished to be in your shoes. Today when I woke up I said to myself, “I hardly have enough money to do some stuff that I want to do today'”. Then I thought to myself, “I can move, think, sleep, walk, talk, eat, touch, hug, see, and much more. I reasoned that though the cash may be small, my blessings are much more. Do always give thanks. Because when you give thanks for the small stuff, the big stuff will definitely come your way. Now, let’s talk about today’s wonder food. We are looking at oranges. Oranges belong to the citrus family and are very sweet to eat and at the same time very healthy for the body.
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Oranges are rich in vitamin C and other types of minerals And vitamins. Oranges are found in Nigeria and other African countries. Some of the 8 health benefits of Oranges are:
  • Oranges are very powerful anti-carcinogen. It helps to fight and prevent cancer cells from forming.
  • Oranges are also very rich in antioxidants which helps to fight free radicals from the body.
  • Oranges also have antitoxin properties that cleanse the body of impurities that are found in it.
  • Oranges also help to neutralise carcinogens found in the body.
  • Oranges are also immune boosters that help to increase the body’s immunity.
  • The rich vitamin C content in oranges helps to strengthen the body’s disease-fighting capabilities.
  • Oranges are also an effective laxative that helps relieve the body of constipation.
  • Oranges also have sedative properties that help to give you a good night’s sleep.
So there you have it readers, some of the 8 health benefits of eating oranges. Go ahead and get some sweet oranges in order to enjoy all this goodness. Cheers. Till I come your way again, it’s I, you Nature’s Pharmac; ist, OCB. Featured Image Source: The Guardian NG
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This article was first published on 22nd October 2020


Oluwaseun Carew-Bakare also known as OCB is one who has done a lot of research about the various types of herbs, vegetables, and fruits and their healing properties. She is a Nature Pharmacist and through the years, she has written books such as "My book of medicinal herbs, fruits and vegetables" which ranks at number 1 on Google and Yahoo's search engines. She has also written other books about the healing powers of food. She is married with children.

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