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  Today we will be looking at fruit known as Date. Date or date palm is a flowery fruit from the palm family. It is a sweet and chewy fruit that originated from the Middle East to other parts of the world. It is also found in Nigeria.
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Dates contain 60-70 percent sugar and a large amount of fibre. Here are 13 health benefits of Date Fruit
  • Date fruit is rich in natural sugars such as fructose, sucrose, and glucose thus makes them rich in energy. Eating dates help to increase energy in the body.
  • It protects against oxidative stress and inflammation in the brain. They contain antioxidants that help to slow down Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
  • Date fruit is rich in fibre which helps with relieving constipation.
  • Date fruit contains fibre which helps to stimulate the digestion of food.
  • It is rich in iron which helps to treat anaemia.
  • It helps to prevent different forms of heart diseases.

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  • Date fruit helps to increase sperm count and motility. It helps in the treatment of male infertility.
  • It helps to boost libido and sexual functions because of its aphrodisiac properties.
  • It helps to prevent night blindness and to preserve healthy vision.
  • Date fruit is medicine for chronic diarrhoea.
  • It helps to promote healthy bones.
  • Date fruit can help an underweight person to gain more weight.
  • Date fruit helps to promote natural labour and also to ease late-term labour for pregnant women.
As you can see my dear readers, date fruit is a must-have for you in your diet. Make sure you go out of your way to get some now in order to enjoy the numerous health benefits. Well, this is all for today, thank you for joining me, till I come your way with another intriguing fruit. I am OCB your nature pharmacist. Featured Image Source: Health Magazine
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This article was first published on 2nd June 2021


Oluwaseun Carew-Bakare also known as OCB is one who has done a lot of research about the various types of herbs, vegetables, and fruits and their healing properties. She is a Nature Pharmacist and through the years, she has written books such as "My book of medicinal herbs, fruits and vegetables" which ranks at number 1 on Google and Yahoo's search engines. She has also written other books about the healing powers of food. She is married with children.

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