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  A few weeks ago when the Kankara Boys were kidnapped from their school, memories were refreshed of the kidnapped Chibok and Dapchi girls as well as the Buni Yadi boys that were murdered. But even more embarrassing and saddening was the fact that President Muhammadu Buhari was in Katsina state at the moment when the boys were taken and he couldn’t pay any visit to the school premises to empathise initially with the parties concerned. The president was on an indefinite leave to spend some time at his residence in Daura when the tragedy struck. Whereas, even the busiest president in the whole world would abandon whatever siesta they were observing and rush to the Government school, Kankara, to commiserate. President Muhammadu Buhari simply did not.
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Instead, it was the governor of the state, who later headed to Buhari’s residence to give him update on the supposed negotiations for the boy’s release. As controversial as the kidnapping and subsequent release of the Kankara Boys is, that the president could not quickly mobilise his base at the presidency until the matter became an allegations and counter-allegations puddle. Such incompetence cast more doubt on his leadership; and by extension, his real identity or whether he is fit for the presidency. More of the notion around the president’s real identity is further highlighted by his media shyness which has worsened in the last few years. Since his re-election in 2019, the president has not conducted any media rounds nor has he done any interview facilitated by the media. The notion that the president is camera shy at a crucial time when the country is facing high inflation, unemployment and hunger cast doubt on his credibility. For this, and more, rumours going around the country have gravitated into insinuations that the occupier of the number 1 seat in Nigeria is an impostor and that the real Buhari has been dead a long time. For some, it is either the president just doesn’t care enough to talk to Nigerians from time to time or he has acute dementia where he loses his trail of thoughts in any conversation, therefore, his handlers hide him from public view. To cap it all, on the president’s birthday on December 17, none of his immediate family members congratulated him publicly for clocking another year. This is quite strange for a family who makes it a note to put themselves out there on social media and revere their patriarch whenever the opportunity arises. That the first Lady has also since abdicated her highly coveted throne on a sojourn to Dubai, leaving the president to his own antics back home for more than 5 weeks now, is also highly suspicious. That this is the first time a First Lady would act in such manner is unprecedented. Perhaps Aisha Buhari knows something that the ordinary Nigerian doesn’t know. And this is why citizens should keep asking: “Who is occupying Aso Rock?” When in doubt about the identity of the person on the seat and when we are concerned about their fitness, it behoves the National Assembly to investigate and pass a Vote of (NO) Confidence on the president. It also behoves the media to vet these insinuations thoroughly and inform the public of what is at play exactly.
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For a country where a former Nigerian First Lady, Hajia Turai Yaradua, kept on an act to continue with governance while shutting off news about her husband’s death in a Saudi Arabia hospital, nothing seems to surprise anyone anymore. In the end, whether the president himself feels there is a need to clear the air on his identity issues or not, no person who has any streak of integrity and patriotism in them should keep Nigerians away from being properly informed about what is happening with their leaders. Featured Image Source: Vanguard NGR
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This article was first published on 29th January 2021


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