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In a diverse Nigeria, unity has often been considered a lofty aspiration, given the myriad factors that could potentially divide its people. However, the ongoing 2024 African Cup of Nations (AFCON) has emerged as a powerful testament to the fact that unity is not only achievable but can thrive amid the most diverse circumstances.
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The 2024 AFCON tournament is setting itself apart from preceding tournaments for several reasons, but one notable aspect is the palpable sense of unity sweeping across the nation. This unity is not confined to the realm of football enthusiasts; it extends to various facets of Nigerian society. It’s seen in the interactions between individuals, transcending gender, tribe, and religion. Moreover, it manifests in the collective support Nigerians are offering to their national football team against neighbouring nations from all corners of Africa. Football has long been recognized as a force capable of bringing Nigerians together. However, the scale of the unity witnessed during the 2024 AFCON is reminiscent of a bygone era – specifically, the remarkable unity observed in 2002 when the Super Eagles faced Senegal in the semi-final of the AFCON hosted in Mali. This current resurgence of national solidarity is particularly refreshing in the aftermath of the divisive 2023 general elections.
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The spectacle of Nigerians rallying together behind the Super Eagles is not merely a display of sportsmanship; it’s a powerful assertion that the nation can overcome divisions when a common cause is embraced. In recognizing those elements that seek to sow discord, the nation is collectively choosing unity as a formidable force for national development. Additionally, the success of the Super Eagles at AFCON introduces a valuable lesson for the broader political landscape. The meticulous selection process undertaken by Jose Peseiro, the Super Eagles coach, reflects the importance of having the right individuals in key positions. I am talking about having round pegs in round holes and square pegs in square holes. This approach, driven by merit rather than biases, is something Nigerians can draw inspiration from in their political choices.
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Ultimately, the formula that combines competence with unity is not just beneficial for football success; it is a blueprint for national growth and development. As Nigeria stands at a critical juncture, the AFCON 2024 is serving as a beacon, illuminating the path towards a unified and prosperous nation where diversity becomes a source of strength rather than division.
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This article was first published on 9th February 2024


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