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My 6-year-old child is blessed with a very creative mind, which enables him to draw pictures of animals and landscape from his mind and equally tell you the story behind each picture. My older child tried drawing too and to our amazement, she did quite well, though she’s more of a writer like me. However, one thing I noticed about her case was that she started on a shaky note. I had to keep encouraging her that she could do it. So using an Artbook and following the instructions, she did very well! Let’s just say I have a house full of fine artists. I decided to join the drawing team and from my mind, I  drew two different flowers and a flower vase with shrubs in it. My children were amazed I could draw. I didn’t utter a word, though within I was glowing with pride that I was able to blow their mind. Over the years, achieving anything for me or trying something new, involved imagining it and however I wanted it, I reproduced. That way, it doesn’t look like yours, it’s just me and my perspective of what I have created. This speaks a lot about my love for colours (make-up or food) and creating an arrangement with them in such a way that they are different each time with every presentation. You see, it is easy for my 6-year-old to reproduce from his mind – animals and landscape because his favourite channel is Nat Geo Wild! What has been your focus lately? Look at what you have been reproducing, decide without hesitation if to continue fixing your focus there or change your line of view. Whilst you are at it, recognize that for everything you bring to the surface, it must have been in you somehow. What are you clogging your mind with? To allow your inventions band creative juices flow, surround yourself with relevant imageries.

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This article was first published on 20th November 2017


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