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I pondered and wandered into the mind of The Gateman and these were his thoughts….
Peace and trouble pass by me In different shapes and sizes I can see Some easy to dictate and halt Some so gentle without a “fault”. I try hard to sieve Sometimes I get deceived Hmmm …it’s a daunting task If I let trouble pass As I get a tongue lash And maybe salaries slash. “And if its peace”, you ask What else, but bliss! Sometimes I really do enjoy My sieving work at the door!
Some call him the ‘Gatekeeper’, others ‘Gateman’ or ‘Security’. Whatever you choose to call him, he plays a vital role in allowing access or preventing exit. We are all gatekeepers, by virtue of who or what we allow into our space, sphere or world. It is that friend, frenemy or associate, trouble or favour. Gatekeeping involves decision making, thinking on your feet, on the go and making a choice directly or indirectly. Sometimes we make wrong choices and have to live with them, until the exiting period of that alliance. Our mouth is a Gate, we are its keeper. The tongue, we are told is small, yet accomplishes great deeds by boasting; set people and things ablaze, separate chief friends. Knowing this, we need to master our Gate (mouth) and decide what will escape from them. Life or ‘death’, it’s totally up to you!

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This article was first published on 23rd October 2017


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