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Watching life happen to you or another can easily form an avenue to inspire an article, a painting, a symposium or hangout of some sort. Daily, life offers us opportunities to write a script about an aspect of the chapter in the drama we witnessed – sometimes we do and it becomes a masterpiece. Other times, we allow ourselves be distracted by surrounding noise. I love listening to children. They make a lot of sense. They don’t rationalize their response or base their feedback on the stock rates/exchange – they say it the way it is. Sometimes, it is nothing short of ‘rudeness’ nonetheless, but it is the way it is with them. Are you walking by your sources of inspiration daily and not realizing that the motivation you need to push past a particular level is before you?! Your daily journey,  to and fro, walk past that homeless family or beggar on the street is a best-selling story with human angle waiting to be captured by lens or pen. The loud-mouthed driver and his bus-conductor is a sometimes a peaceful man in his area and known by his neighbour as someone working a different job, yet…when he is with his bus, his voice becomes hoarse and he sells his wares of pick-up and drop-off to pedestrians. There’s a time to look within and a time to look around. Whatever time you find yourself, keep hope alive there are answers everywhere.

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This article was first published on 27th November 2017


I am in love with words! I believe they have unbelievable powers to change people. As a writer, I paint my world with colours defined by words. As a mother, I enjoy conversations with babies and children generally. A poet, content developer, administrator and one given to details. Contact me via email: imaniking[@]; Blog:; Twitter: @imaniking and Instagram: @imaniking02

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