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That almost sounds like a line from a reality show and gives the feeling that you’re under scrutiny. Are you not? Our action or inaction is daily weighed and given scores. Sometimes the scores are positive, other times negative and worse, comes out like criticism. When we live a life that gives back to the society, people we don’t even know, call us blessed by praising what we have done that has benefitted them. I love writing and over the years, I hear people say you wrote me a note on my birthday and that was a turning point for me. But a special feeling-proud-moment came recently when I heard my niece doing ‘Spoken Word‘, it was amazing! On inquiry about who wrote the lines for her, she replied: “I did it myself!” I felt proud because I had written a lot about her since she was a baby. Now grown, she would ask for and read them with joy. Today, she writes! Whatever you are doing, keep getting better at it, someone is learning from it too. Perhaps watching to recommend you, you might never know. Remember a candle loses nothing by lighting another.

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This article was first published on 6th November 2017


I am in love with words! I believe they have unbelievable powers to change people. As a writer, I paint my world with colours defined by words. As a mother, I enjoy conversations with babies and children generally. A poet, content developer, administrator and one given to details. Contact me via email: imaniking[@]; Blog:; Twitter: @imaniking and Instagram: @imaniking02

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