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The lines flow from one verse to the other as she quickly pens down every word, drumming the pen against the cheek and she thinks through the next verse waiting to burst through her pores. A moment of respite and she wonders why on some days, inspiration comes easier than others. With these thoughts and pen poised, her ink drips on paper life-changing words that bring change for the better. What do you do when the drive for your passion wanes? You re-energize yourself by yourself by recommitting to your vision. First of all, you need to keep that vision in your focus.
  • Remind yourself daily of the many lives that are waiting to hear from you, benefit from what you have to offer etc.
  • Look at the picture (vision) and decide if you have fulfilled the plans for that day and then move on to the next
  • Keep topping up on what you have on the ground already, that way before you know it, it is no longer a half-wall but a complete foundation for you to build on.
  • Sometimes, nothing works. When this happens, then you need to rest your body, regenerate your mind and continue on your journey!
In all, remember the world needs what you have to offer, so let them have it with your brand and mark of excellence on it. A fruitful week ahead.

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This article was first published on 30th October 2017


I am in love with words! I believe they have unbelievable powers to change people. As a writer, I paint my world with colours defined by words. As a mother, I enjoy conversations with babies and children generally. A poet, content developer, administrator and one given to details. Contact me via email: imaniking[@]; Blog:; Twitter: @imaniking and Instagram: @imaniking02

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