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In every play or orchestra, we have the director/conductor whose work is basically to create synergy between disconcert parts and bring out a seamless play or Harmony of the different instruments. Hmmm. For the piece to become a masterpiece, each actor or member of the group has to play their part/sound the way they’re expected by the coordinator. I sit in Church and hear the pastor say “you will be the head and NOT the tail” we all holler AMEN!!! There I am wondering, ‘if we all become the head, who will be the tail?’ Then I realize it is possible! The pastor means well. I’m good at research and you are good at organizing. So if I become the head at researching and pass on the research to you the organizer to be the head in that realm, we will have a product that is top notch in the marketplace. This means that everyone’s part is important. Be the head in the part that has been assigned to you. Think it through and give it your best shot, that way we leave nothing to mediocrity and you would have fulfilled your life’s purpose. The sooner you realize this, the easier it becomes for you to deliver on your work, whatever it is. Be the head on the several assignments that’s got your name on it. That’s your brand!

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This article was first published on 4th September 2017


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