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Everyone was once a child, so it is safe to say that we all had friends in the neighborhood or school. Even if you were an only child, chances are you still had friends or cousins to play/hangout with. But a time came for you to leave your environment, school or family or your friends relocated. Sometimes, that relationship comes to an end, other times you get too busy and ‘forget’ to keep the communication lines open. As young adults, we’ve probably been in a ‘relationship-turned-South’, or a job with a ‘not-so-nice-boss’ and this left us burnt badly and we decide never to have anything to do with these kind of people or anyone with a slight resemblance in character or nature. Yet, we are told “life is about relationships”. When it comes to these kinds of ‘not-so-good’ relationships, how do you move on?
  • Communicate clearly your fears and stand to the other party where possible • Enquire and TRY to understand the reason behind their action if possible • Learn from the good, strategize how to deal with the bad to get good and let go of the ugly. • Leave a guarded access point to or through you, such that there are levels of sifting before the person gets to you. That way, its not business as usual.
Sometimes, we need to walk away completely given the circumstance surrounding that relationship. What are your thoughts?

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This article was first published on 25th September 2017


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  • Every relationship depends on understanding.

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