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On our way to work the other day, we noticed that cars were moving away from us and some had that ‘pity look’ on their faces. Then we realized it was the ‘L’ attached in front and behind the vehicle. Apart from that, the bumper behind had been bashed in seriously on the left. So the story going out without our knowledge and consent was probably “Steer clear! Learner at the wheels! Bashing in progress!” Yet the person driving at the moment was an expert (if you can drive on Lagos roads and still be sane, then you are on top of your skill) if you know what I mean. Watching Oba swing knowingly from side to side with ease could have confused other drivers behind and I’m sure, they will conclude, his wife must be the learner…poor me! LOL. However, the ‘culprit’ was my nephew. So today, I ask, what does the “L” mean to you? Are you interpreting your ‘L’ correctly as Learners, Lessons or Leaders? Whatever the situation you are faced with on the job, at home or in the marketplace, there are opportunities to learn either from the Learners (how not to bash your car); from the Lessons (as taught by the one teaching you directly or indirectly) or from the Leaders, navigating steadily behind him, match step for step as he climbs up each rung of the ladder. Enjoy your new week and learn.

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This article was first published on 16th October 2017


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  • A spirit lifting write-up

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