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A friend and I were talking sometime last week, about how she’s often viewed as a calm person and people get surprised at the magnitude of what she’s achieved so far. She said:
“The sun, moon and stars are saddled with monotonous work, which though boring, they faithfully do. They show up when they should in the darkness of night and in the brightness of day. They perform their tasks without making noise and you can rely on their faithfulness.”
This caught my attention. Whether I notice it or not, these entities keep at it and I feel their impact, though I sometimes take it for granted. They continue their work, whether or not they are appreciated. Today, I encourage you to continue to forge ahead with your work, whether you are acknowledged or not. Believe that you are making an impact and keep at it.

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This article was first published on 5th March 2018


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  • Let your dedication resonate like the silent but impactful work of the sun moon and stars. Persist in your efforts knowing that even unnoticed your contributions shape the world around you.
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