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I bet your mind took you on a journey of dating and marriage. Not today!  We will leave that matter for another day. But truly, before you do, you need to plan your strategy very well, plot the layout and understand the dynamics to ensure that for everything that goes out from you, you can defend it anywhere. Why am I saying this? The hurry with which people churn out goods and services without doing Quality Control and necessary checks is alarming. It is easy to say “I’m not a manufacturer”, aren’t we all?! The words you put out in the Social Media, have they gone through the checks of
  • Things that are true,
  • Things that are honest,
  • Things that are just,
  • Things that are pure,
  • Things that are lovely,
  • Things that are of good report;
  • Things that have virtue, and
  • Things that have praise,
If yes, then by all means, let it flow. The products you are offering the public with a million ‘can-dos’ attached to it, will it deliver on its promise when purchased? We see products move from giving satisfaction to giving you an air of importance or a feeling? Think through your product and decide what you want to offer the society and do just that. That way, every time an Imaniking’s article is read, (just saying) you get the “I want more” feeling or “wish she didn’t stop here!” Stay motivated, as you think it through before you do!

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This article was first published on 19th February 2018


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