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One way to keep your passion for travel alive during this pandemic is by reading books, journals and blogs on tourism. One blog that has got our pulse racing with a deep longing is Naidrenalin Blog.

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Naidrenalin is a tourism company based in Abuja and Lagos Nigeria. They do not restrict their activities to Nigeria alone but to neighbouring African countries like Cameroon, Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana. If you Google Naidrenalin, your results will include words such as hiking to Farin Ruwa Falls and Sungbo Eredo Wall, road trips to Kwara State, and surfing at Tarkwa Bay amongst others. They have organised unique tour activities such as forest bathing, paragliding and forest camping and are great at organising urban walking tours. They are the pinnacle of adventure tourism in Nigeria.

The Naidrenalin Blog is such a delight to read during this pandemic. The pictures are highly professional, beautiful and authentic. These images are captured during various tours organised for Naidrenalin for their club members. They show the beauty all around us in Nigeria and West Africa with tourists just like us willing to take a walk on the wild side of life. 

Online galleries on the company’s website and Instagram handle display pictures that are spectacular and enticing. They tell of of blue wavy sea waters, whitewater foam on shores, tourists jumping midair on a beach, and backpackers trekking through forests and highways. There, viewers are taken to the lush green rolling mountains of Obudu, the barefaced hills and clusters of brown roofs seen from atop Idanre Hills, and the aerial views from the Kwa Waterfalls amongst other places.

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Another major hit with Naidrenalin is the diversity of the content. Their aim is to create a culture of adventure tourism among Nigerians, and their blog is one way they do so. They have churned out interesting and original content from as far back as 2017. This year they have put out one article per month, regardless of the travel/movement restrictions, making it possible for their readers to experience a mental wanderlust. 

Their blog content is informative and refreshing. It covers local and international tourist spots, an adventure bucket list and an idea of what it feels like to travel across Africa. They have also been featured on news platforms like The Guardian Ng. 

Reading the Naidrenalin blog will sure feel outer worldly for travel enthusiasts. 

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This article was first published on 17th May 2020


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