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When the word, orthopaedics, is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind as a layman is bones. However, to so many laymen, that is where it stops. The intricacies of this field of medicine are not known, though we have so many ‘orthopaedic doctors’ and ‘bone setters’ in our society. Most think it is just about bones, oblivious of the fact that it also has to do with joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves.

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However, it is no longer news about the ‘ease of doing business‘ situation in Nigeria but even more tedious is the ease of starting a business in Nigeria; a medical enterprise in emphasis.

On this episode of Meet The Boss, Dr Salami Onimisi Sunday, Chief Medical Director at Summit Orthopaedic Hospital, gives answers to questions about his journey so far, the challenges, and how he has managed to pull through in the last two years of the existence of  his Hospital.

According to Dr Salami Onimisi, Summit Orthopaedic Hospital is a ‘single specialty orthopaedic hospital’ because they ‘concentrate on just one particular aspect of medicine’. He said, ‘if you do one thing repeatedly, you get better results.’

Dr Salami who has been a doctor for about 20 years, used to work for the government but decided to leave because he felt he would be better placed to give quality services to his patients if he was his own man, away from the bureaucracies of government owned organisations.

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Some of the issues treated in this interview are the meaning orthopaedics, the state of orthopaedics in Nigeria, the relationship between the local bone setters and orthopaedic doctors, and so on. Dr Salami answers these questions directly or indirectly.

At Summit Orthopaedic Hospital, they treat professional and recreational athletes, patients with joint pains, neck pain, spine pain, and also render physiotherapy services.

Learn more about all Dr Salami had to say.

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This article was first published on 19th May 2021


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