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  On this episode of Connect Nigeria’s Meet The Boss, Mr Babatunde Shobanjo, the COO of Nigeria’s leading media advertising company, Leo Burnett, speaks extensively on the high profile brand and the Nigerian market.
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Founded in the 1930s in Chicago Illinois, USA, the media giant now commands a presence of over 85 offices worldwide. Quizzed on the kind of services Leo Burnett offers, Mr Shobanjo reveals that they are unique from other media advertising platforms in the country as they offer a range of services focused primarily on what he termed the ‘’Human Hand.’’ The Human Hand is about putting an individual at the centre in terms of service delivery because there is a great need to understand the customer’s needs and demands, before being able to tell the services that suit the individual; without the individual, there is no product to sell. Commenting on how COVID-19 disrupted the services of the company, Mr Shobanjo discloses that the pandemic made the company rethink their mode of operation, noting that its digital focus has grown by over 50% in the past year. He also notes that there is a need to understand the nexus between technology, digitalization and marketing, opining that the paradigm has shifted from the digital sector supporting the traditional media to the traditional media now supporting the digital sector in marketing.
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For small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and starters, the Leo Burnett COO urges them to study extensively and read books on humble beginnings such as the one written by his father, Bidoun Shobanjo ‘The Will To Win’. He also advises beginners to embrace mentorship and be open to learning. To learn more on what Mr Babatunde Shobanjo had to say, watch below:  
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This article was first published on 18th June 2021


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