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Today, May 27, 2020 is Children’s Day in Nigeria. It is a day meant to celebrate children who make up 46% of the entire Nigerian population, a day to remind ourselves that while we go about our daily activities, we must try our best and make remarkable efforts towards making the world a better place for our children and generations unborn.

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The history of Children’s Day globally can be traced to as far back as 1857, when Reverend Dr. Charles Leonard, Pastor of the Universalist Church of the Redeemer in Chelsea, Massachusetts, United States, held a special service which was dedicated and meant for children. However, Leonard named the day, Rose Day, and would later rename it Flower Sunday, before the title of Children’s Day will follow.

Turkey would be the first country in the world to hold an official Children’s Day celebration on April 23, 1920. The world would follow the footsteps of Turkey in 1925 during the World Conference on Child Welfare in Geneva, Switzerland, where the International Children’s Day was first proclaimed. The United Nations holds its annual celebration of the Children’s Day on November 20 of every year.  The date for the celebration of children around the world for countries are different, but the relevant point to note is that children unlike the past, are now being celebrated in almost every part of the world.

This year’s celebration will be different from what Nigerians are used to, due to the corona virus pandemic. Events that make up the day such as match pass in stadiums, and parties organised for children to have fun are suspended to curb the spread of the corona virus pandemic especially as children in most parts of the country cannot go to school temporarily until the ban on educational activities is lifted. Activities that make children look up to this day might be limited as Game Parks or even recreational facilities are currently shutdown, but as a parent there are few ways you can make your kids feel on top of the world today.

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Visit Orphanage Homes With Your Kids

Today, there are no governors your kids are looking forward to saluting during matching parades in stadiums, but they can look forward to visiting orphanages and less privileged homes with gifts in form of food items and cash. Take your children to these venues, but allow them make the donations themselves so you can build the habit of giving in them and the understanding that they have to lookout for others at such early age. However, make sure you and your kids observe the precautionary measures, as directed by NCDC, and the Federal Ministry of Health.

Hold A Family Party

To avoid having physical contact with a lot of people which spreads the corona virus faster, hold a little family party for your kids. This will go a long way in answering questions like; mum where are we celebrating? It also reminds  them that today is meant for them and not even a virus can take it away from them. If they feel too disconnected from their friends, set up a video call with their friends. Promise to buy them gifts once the pandemic is over.

Make Online Videos With Your Kids Sensitizing The Globe On COVID-19

To avoid a boring Children’s Day celebration with your kids, lecture them on health guidelines aimed at curbing the spread of corona virus, and have them do a video with you that will be posted on your social media handles. With this, you are not just making your kids lively today, but you are equally imbibing a great sense of corporate social responsibility in them.





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This article was first published on 27th May 2020


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