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Back in the day, makeup was serious business, almost a do or die affair, strictly for the elite. Both male and female wore makeup way back in Egypt and Greece to show class. As an ordinary citizen, who you be back then to wear makeup? And even if you did wear any, certain colours were off limit. Forget say now every Tope, Amina and Ngozi fit wear makeup anytime and anyhow they like. Soteee some even get mouth to say stuff like, “I’m not a makeup person or I don’t like makeup, or what is all this nonsense you people are rubbing on your face?” and whatever else they can say that makes them feel aire ?? . Plautus (254-184 BC) said and I quote, “a woman without paint “makeup” is like food without salt”. Eheen, so for all of you cooking food without salt, I rest my case….
Makeup, it keeps evolving -
Elizabethan Era (Photo: ashleighsmakeupblog)
So here is a little info on what makeup looked like in the beginning: The paler the face, the wealthier one thought they looked. So they used chalk and lots of other whitening agents all over in order to appear pale, some added egg yolk as a glazer to make it glow. As usual, the extremists even drained their blood, yes you read right, so that they can appear naturally pale. You think say you dey crase for makeup abi? Now dig that!
Makeup, it keeps evolving -
Japanese Geishas (c. mid – 1700s) (Photo: Pretty Fm)
Come to think of it, could this be the reason why ladies these days would hardly ever go for their perfect foundation shade? They always want something fairer, even when an expert is telling them otherwise. For the cheeks, rogue, or what we now call blushers were always worn. Some who couldn’t afford it or who just didn’t like the idea of wearing it simply pinched their cheeks till it colored or bled, whichever came first.
Makeup, it keeps evolving -
Swingin’ Sixties (c. 1960 – 1969) (Photo: Peter Otoole)
Fast forward to the 60s till date, earth tones are preferred as trends changed. Now women have lots of cosmetics to choose from with varieties of colours to use. Finally, I’ll just say this, no matter how much we evolve in this industry, my darlings, please stick with fun, healthy and original. Speaking of original, if you’re not sure of where to purchase original brands, chill, I’ll deal with that topic in a short while. But until then, stay pretty in & out. Stay makeuptained!

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This article was first published on 30th June 2017


Akachi Nwoke is a Makeup artist at House of Tara Int'l and also a Writer and a Gardner. She'll love to visit all the beautiful cities in the world! Follow her on Instagram @akchy_mua

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  • Am your number one fan…very educating writeup…God bless ya

  • Am your number one fan…very educating writeup…God bless ya

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