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Women and their handbags are inseparable. This is because, apart from the fact that handbags were designed to be fashionable while holding our essentials, let’s face it; they’re also like our best friends! They go everywhere with us; work, church, dates, school etc. And they also hold some of our secrets. There are certain items that should not be found wanting in a woman’s handbag:


Baby girl, your future is so bright, you have to wear shades! Sunglasses will help protect your eyes when it’s sunny, while keeping you stylish. Ballet flat: Don’t under-estimate the need for flats. You need these babies when your heels turn into weapons of mass destruction. Hand sanitizers: Okay, so after the Ebola scare most people cut down on the use of hand sanitizers. But hey, every lady should still have a bottle of sanitizer handy. Every now and then people sneeze into their hands and you shake them; you go to a grocery store and grab a cart that’s been used by a hundred different people. For these and so many other reasons, a hand sanitizer is a must. It helps protect you from germs you can easily pick up.

Light makeup

make upIt’s important to always look fresh-faced for dates, meetings or presentations. While you’re not expected to carry your make-up box around with you all day, your lip balm, lipstick, compact powder, eyeliner and mascara are handy saviors. Small perfume bottle: You’ve learned all the tricks to get your perfume to last all day long. All the same, it’s essential to have one in your bag because it helps keep you smelling fresh. Safety pins/sewing kits: A safety pin or needle and thread can save you a whole lot of trouble. How many of us have had an important meeting and suddenly realized we had a rip in our skirt? Exactly. Breath mints or gum: It is always a good idea to have these handy, especially for those days you decide to have something spicy for lunch, or if you just want to make sure you don’t have bad breathe when you suddenly bump into your crush in the middle of the day – because they always tend to appear at the absolute worst moment.


Focusing at work is hard enough without the added stress of a headache. A small bottle of aspirin and painkillers will help soothe you when you get those annoying headaches, body aches or cramps. Make sure you are always taking medicine prescribed by a medical professional. Pocket brushes/combs: Ladies, the wind is sometimes the enemy of our weaves. Don’t let it win. Always have a brush or comb handy. Power banks: We are quick to remember to carry our phones, chargers and earphones. But what happens when you get so busy and forget to charge your phone? A power bank is great for those moments when you need to power up your phone.

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This article was first published on 12th March 2018


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