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“Everybody is now a makeup artist.” “I need to acquire a more serious skill, this makeup thing is a joke and the terrain is too crowded.” “If everybody becomes a make up artist, who will now pay who to do their makeup?” “ow pesin wan take make en money?” Questions! Excuses!  Yet daily some wise and enterprising makeup company is going home singing, “I don get alert, God win! ” You know why? This is because everybody, including you, loves to makeup. ‘Did I hear you say I use only white powder and Vaseline,’ OK then let’s go back to the basics. What is makeup? Makeup is basically the use of cosmetics on the body. It’s simply that cream, soap, white powder, clear lip gloss or petroleum jelly and perfume that you apply on your skin, however mildly, to enhance or alter your appearance or fragrance. Ehen, of course it’s also that brown powder, face lifting or tightening cream, coloured lipstick, foundation, bronzer or highlighters we extremists apply on our faces and body. So my dear so-called make-up peeves, you also use makeup and you are therefore growing our industry. Yes na, na hin make, no matter as you take yab us, we still dey kampe!! ??? So how does joining the makeup industry still give returns on investment (ROI) in spite of the “crowded” terrain? I’ll say this. We have a million plus one birds flying in the sky, yet I haven’t seen birds crashing into each other (Abeg if u don hear, epp me with the gist). Instead, the wiser, focused and powerful birds soar further up to occupy a terrain that some other birds can’t. But you see, they’re all birds flying, walking or hopping. That’s kinda like the makeup industry today. In the industry we have: 1) The makeup artists that come up with the different brands and products. 2) The retail or fashion artist (the ones people say are everywhere) that create the looks. 3) The bloggers, v-loggers, editors and critics. 4)The special effects guys (these ones can make you scream blood! Meanwhile all na wash..???) 5)The clinical makeup artists (ehen, why you de shout clinical kwa?): these ones help patients who suffer from different side effects like chemotherapy, burns and scars plus minor deformities and birth marks. Yep makeup is that legitimate. 6) The mortuary attendants: they keep the corpse’s face, and sometimes skin, looking close to real till its buried. Getting professional training can be quite expensive, that’s why we call it an investment. With constant practice, commitment and dedication to which ever part of the industry you join, plus being present and engaging on the social media platforms you can build a viable clientele and will certainly make great returns on your investment. So YES we are all makeup artist! And NO the terrain is not crowded!!! Just come in and make your mark. Further discussions on how to make your ROI in our industry will be discussed if you promise to stay makeuptained. Cheers!

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This article was first published on 1st August 2017


Akachi Nwoke is a Makeup artist at House of Tara Int'l and also a Writer and a Gardner. She'll love to visit all the beautiful cities in the world! Follow her on Instagram @akchy_mua

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