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Entrepreneurs, brand managers, heads of departments and business owners across Lagos gathered at Collonades Resort, Ikoyi, recently for an intensive training on business, branding, strategy and project management at the Hexavian Master Class. The purpose of this gathering was aimed at imparting tested methods of organising businesses with the prime purpose of defining business goals and how to attract target markets. Using the 12 Laws of Business, the facilitator shared practical ideas and techniques on how to use the laws to grow a small business into a global brand. The Laws of Business Law Of Purpose: If you don’t know and define where you are going, everywhere you go will look like it. It is always advisable to create a business plan for your business before starting out to enable you define the purpose of your business, and create a roadmap on how to achieve set objectives.  Law Of Character: Integrity is a corporate currency. Customers buy from brands they can trust. The only way for you to gain their trust is to “mean what you say” and deliver on your promises. Law Of Branding: The most important thing about what you sell, is what you make the buyer believe he is buying. As a business, you need to focus on how to create experiences for your customers. Law Of Demography: Find the people, and you’ve found the market. If your business, product or service does not have a market, then you don’t have a business. Businesses that invest their time and energy on their defined market grow to be successful brands.    Law Of Legacy: The true test of an enterprise is succession. Will your business outlive your generation? It should. The Hexavian Master Class, Ikoyi is a full day class on Business, Brand, Strategy and Project Management. It is for business owners, employees, executives, people involved in projects, managers, aspiring moguls and any one hoping to go further ahead in developing a brand or businesses.

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This article was first published on 6th September 2013

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