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Smooth Cartoons Nigeria is an innovative digital entertainment company with a repertoire of 2D/3D animations, cartoons and comic books for sale. What’s special about this enterprise? 1. They tell original Nigerian stories and address the common issues Nigerians face including: HIV/AIDS, greed, prostitution and corruption. 2. The creators believe in the power of the media to create a positive social change. 3. Their skits are funny and educational! The 6th episode of their latest project “The Adventures of Koboko” is a spoof of the recent general elections. It had representations of greedy politicians, their promiscuous girlfriends and irate INEC officials. Popular characters found in their skits include: the arrogant Chief Arowojobe, hardworking civil servant, Elder Agbako and the sexy Miss Chelsea – who is apparently allergic to poverty. According to the company, they aim to transform imaginations and serve the needs of corporate bodies, companies, banks and NGOs in the process. For more information on Smooth Cartoons Nigeria, please visit the team’s official website.          

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This article was first published on 15th April 2015

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