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Popular female talking drummer, Ara, says she was planning to have a musical collaboration with the legendary Ras Kimono before his tragic demise on Sunday, the 10th of June 2018.

The collaboration which was supposed to include another reggae legend Majek Fashek and a few other artistes had already been discussed with the late reggae legend and he had asked that she wait until he was back from his trip to the United States, a trip he was never able to make. She also recounted her meeting with Ras Kimono last week at Sir Shina Peter’s 60th birthday party, recalling that he looked healthy.

Ras Kimono was born Ukeleke Elumelu and was renowned for his call for political consciousness since hitting the limelight in the early 90s with songs like “Under Pressure”, “Rhumba Stylé”, “Natty Get Jail” and a list of others. He started his music career experimenting with different music genres before settling for reggae. He was a member of the Jastix Reggae Ital music group.

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This article was first published on 13th June 2018


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