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In his article* Osita-Oleribe described the plight of the girl-child:
“She is left out in decision making, utilized at homes without due remunerations, kept as home keeper and never allowed to earn a living for herself, used by men as wife, by children as mother, by other women as house girl and by men as bed mate.”
After citing culture, poverty, defeciency of educational infrastructure, fear of sexual harrassment and molestation, child exploitation and cultural indoctrination as major factors responsible for poor girl-child education in Nigeria, the activist argued that giving the girl child an education translates to her physical, mental, financial, spiritual, social, psychological and intellectual empowerment. Following the recent directive of her Governor, female students in Public Secondary Schools in Kaduna State will no longer have to worry about paying for tuition, making it safe to say the girls are guaranteed quality education that would set them up as influencers in society in the future. The free education declaration for girls within the level of education by Governor Nasir El-Rufai was first published on his Twitter account, @GovKaduna. As clearly stated by the Governor, the directive is to foster the education of the girl-child against all odds fronting their acquisition of academic knowledge. Nigerians on Twitter have since lauded the efforts of the Kaduna State Government to maintain the free Basic Education Policy.  
*  ‘Neglect of Girl Child Education: Bridging the Gap- A Case Study of a Nigerian Agrarian Northern Community’ published in the International NGO Journal (Vol 2), Obinna E. Osita-Oleribe, President, Anti-Child Abuse Society of Africa (ACASA). ―(Fishel 1998, Oleribe 2002a, Oleribe 2002b, Sarwar and Sheikh 1995)

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This article was first published on 28th September 2018


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