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  In a whirlwind of entertainment that transcended borders, Josh2Funny, Nigeria’s beloved comedian, brought his Instagram comedy series, The Audition, to life on the grand stage of America’s Got Talent. Josh Alfred, the mastermind behind the uproarious online sketches, seamlessly transitioned his comedic prowess into a live performance that left audiences and judges alike in stitches.
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With an electrifying entrance, Josh2Funny took centre stage and boldly proclaimed himself to be the “Fastest Reader in the World,” followed by a claim to the title of the “Fastest Rapper in the World.” Just when the judges thought they had witnessed it all, he pulled off a surprising twist by presenting himself as the “Best Magician in the World.” What followed was a masterful display of comedic talent, one that took the judges completely off guard. Josh’s performance left the judges utterly astounded. While he faced initial rejection during his first appearance, his resilience shone through as he returned not once, but twice, each time donning a different costume that cleverly masked his true identity. This ingenious act left the judges bewildered, questioning whether they were encountering the same person or an array of comedic personas.
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Despite facing a trifecta of nos from the judges, Josh2Funny’s charm and wit resonated deeply with the audience. The crowd rallied behind him throughout his trio of performances, showering him with cheers and applause that reverberated through the auditorium. Simon Cowell, one of the discerning judges known for his candid feedback, had commendable words for the talented comedian. “I think you are very funny, making comedy, but it’s a NO,” he remarked, acknowledging Josh’s undeniable comedic flair. Beyond the realm of Nigeria, Josh2Funny has firmly established himself as a comedic virtuoso, captivating audiences even on international stages. His seamless fusion of digital humour and live performance underscores his versatility and creative ingenuity.
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Josh2Funny continues to showcase his unique brand of humour that transcends cultural boundaries. He cements his place as a comedic genius, leaving an indelible mark on the global comedy landscape. Whether through his Instagram sketches or his dynamic stage presence, Josh2Funny’s ability to elicit laughter remains unparalleled, making him a true ambassador of Nigerian humour to the world.
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This article was first published on 9th August 2023


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