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So I had a craving for Ekpang Nkukwo a couple of days back. My friend suggested that we dine at Jevinik Restaurant which is located in G.R.A. Port Harcourt. I hadn’t visited the restaurant in two years. Naturally, I was curious about a number of things. Was the place still as lovely as I remembered? Was the service still efficient? The last time I visited, the food was delicious and so generously served that I couldn’t finish it. Anyways, I decided to go see things for myself.

As we drove into the spacious, underground parking lot, the valet politely and efficiently directed our parking. I smiled my approval as we walked up the stairs and into the restaurant. The restaurant was brightly lit. Let me say that the atmosphere and decoration bring the words classy and elegant to mind. At a guess, Jevinik Restaurant can seat about eighty to a hundred guests. The music is soft so business meetings can hold either in the main restaurant where we sat or at the VIP and continental section upstairs.

The staff were neatly dressed, observant and attentive. The minute we sat down, a waiter materialized to take our order. There was no menu on our table so he borrowed one from the next table. Since another waiter borrowed the same menu from our table after we had placed our orders, I’m left with the conclusion that there’s only one hard copy of the menu for use in the restaurant.

Back to my gist, the waiter who served us was friendly. But, alas, most of the food on the menu was not available! According to the waiter, some of the food had not been prepared in the restaurant for a long time; this made us wonder what they were still doing on the menu. Some others, he said, were prepared only on certain days of the week. However, there was no indication of that in the menu. Since our first and second choices of food were not available, he had to show us what they had on his mobile device.

I ended up having cow leg pepper soup. My friend settled for Abak and Semo. Food delivery was prompt and service was neat. Food was served hot. My friend thoroughly enjoyed his Abak soup. I totally enjoyed my pepper soup. The meat was tender, just how I love it; I consider that a huge plus as I was in no mood to play tug of war with my meat.

In conclusion, Jevink is still a lovely, affordable place to dine in. But the service would be better if its management paid more attention to the little details because they make a lot of difference in service.

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This article was first published on 10th January 2019


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