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Literally, you can see the passion of Jeremiah Samuel Aluwong and his team. The manner in which they strive to reach out to people at the grassroots—in the oddest of places—is a testimony of their passion. Images shared on their social media (IG: @spokesman001 and @lightwkonline) capture them with young people that could be easily tagged “street boys” or derided as “hoodlums.” In their unique way, they share the transformative message of Jesus, holding conscious conversations and you could notice intentionality in their efforts to help stir change in the lives of these converts and followers. This definitely caught my attention, hence this piece.
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Aluwong is a pastor and missionary for over 15 years and is also the Founder and President of LightWK. According to its social media profile, the not-for-profit religious organization, LightWK, is an urban mission organisation with 3 basic aims—to go for missions, promote missions and train missionaries. The team was launched on 31st October 2019 and has successfully recruited passionate teammates, carried out several in-house trainings, and outreaches in rural communities across Kaduna, Plateau, Bauchi and among other states in Nigeria. In addition, in the past months, the organization have been able to purchase and share well over 100 bibles to their converts. The very excited leader, Aluwong explained
‘Many of the boys from our jungle outreaches have come asking for bibles and requested that we pray for them to be transformed by the Bible. We have been more than excited to pray those prayers.’
As a result of the overwhelming feedback from these outreaches, the organization has established in-reaches to establish and help more people through the transformative process. Hence, Aluwong shared that,
‘Our already established City of Light fellowships that takes place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays have been running non-stop weekly. The boys in the jungle have deliberately set apart those times for fellowship. They always look forward to our coming and we have experienced God’s power each week. It has been tough because of the dynamics involved but God’s grace has been so sufficient for us.’
Joyously, he further adds that,
‘The greatest testimony is the nimbleness of mind God has granted us in the studies. More so, we have seen some of the participants become facilitators of these studies. It has been our desire that each participant will become a teacher eventually, teaching God’s word accurately and with power. It is making disciples disciplers.’
As part of their community service, the organization has been proactive in partnering within healthcare professionals on health-related activities like blood donation etc as well as efforts to keep some of these former “street boy” economically engaged so they will not return to their “vomits.” Aluwong shares one of its efforts in this direction:
‘We were able to start up a snooker shop for one of the major ‘slangers’ in one of the jungles. He was selling to support his family. We had an agreement that the shop will keep him off the streets. We also secured a logistics/delivery job for another of our boys. He will be paid fifteen thousand naira per month. We thank God and believe him for more open doors.’
Recently, in December 2020, the team raised funds to construct a home for veteran missionary and Reverend, Baba Bilyaminu. Reverend Benyaminu, who is from Warji, Bauchi state, is one of those who have done pioneer work in Christianity in Northern Nigeria. Excitedly, the team has continued to grow from about 15 pioneer members to over 100 committed members in the space of about 2 years of its founding and keeps growing. Interestingly, Aluwong hails from Kaduna state and he is married with 2 kids at the time of this writing. He is what could be described as “Kaduna Christian” for many in Christian-dominated Southern Nigeria who might still be shocked at the news of a large Christian community in the Muslim-dominated Kaduna or Northern Nigeria. Alongside his conversationalist approach, his style is unique. He uses spoken word, rap and hip-hop as his evangelization strategies to spread his message in a manner that is welcoming to the times. As stated above, on Friday 20th November 2020, Aluwong and his team released “The Prophetionally Speaking: Contending for the Faith’’ live session video on YouTube. The in-house recorded 90minutes video is a mixture of hip-hop/rap, music and spoken word which he presents as a bold statement for the true gospel of Jesus, at a time where falsehood and heresy in Scriptural interpretation plague the modern church. However, aside from using hip-hop/rap as a medium, in “Contending for the Faith”, Spokesman (as Aluwong is also called) shows versatility, displays technique and musicality, intelligent delivery, theologically sound and dope lyrics and teachings in-between song sequences. In addition, he takes his audience on a brief journey through Scriptures in a simplistic yet profound manner. The session has an orchestral yet worshipful experience. Needless to say, watching the video is a beautiful experience altogether. The song’s arrangement and progression through the session were spots on reflecting the heart of the minister of God. See the New Mixtape ‘Contender for the Faith’: Video: Audio:
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As a Christian and a missionary too, I am elated each time I see fellow believer, especially from the Northern part of Nigeria. Much more, my excitement knows no bounds when I see the tremendous work they are doing to reach their communities and so many unreached, despite the hostilities and persecution they encounter. All we can do is support! Join the train! All we can say is “God bless them!!!” To learn more about, please follow LightWk: LightWk Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Featured image source: LightWk
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This article was first published on 4th February 2021 and updated on June 21st, 2021 at 1:43 pm


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