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  Agriculture is the pillar of many a country’s economic system; it serves as the main source of income in many countries of the world and with the global shift away from fossil fuel, Nigeria is gradually moving its economy in the direction of agriculture. Besides providing food and raw materials, agriculture also offers employment opportunities to a very large percentage of the population. Figures from the World Bank and Ministry of Agriculture reveal that about 60% of the employed population in Nigeria are in the Agric sector making Agriculture the single largest employer of labour in the country. With so much instability in different financial investment sectors, many are in search of a stable and safe space to invest their money to yield passive income without fear of losing their funds. Agriculture has proven to be as such; reliable and profitable but that then begs the question of how people with busy schedules or without experience can still benefit from farming.

Welcome To JADEK Farms

As an aggregator Agrictech company, Jadek Farms is positioned to increase the volume of participation in the Agric space especially as an answer to the prayers of Nigerians who are in search of a reputable Agrictech platform to invest in. The CEO and founder, Mr OlaKunle Akinwole, is totally sold on the belief that the Agric sector is a sustainable wealth-making venture capable of lifting Africa from poverty. In his own words, “the prosperity of Africa depends on Agriculture.” Jadek Farms has thus developed a most suitable platform to partner with individuals or groups who are interested in investing in farming. They help the investors to acquire farmlands, carry out the farm set up, planting and manage farms, and sell the produce to local and international buyers at the best prices. As one of the fastest-growing digital Agro-investment platforms in Nigeria today, Jadek Farms further supports local and subsistence farmers, in the locales like Ogbomosho in Oyo state and surrounding villages where they have farm cities, by giving them up to date information and trainings on current agronomic practices. Also, aside from using mechanized farming methods, the company empowers local farmers in these areas by employing them to work on the farms.

JADEK Projects

In its formative years, Jadek Farms invested largely in experimenting and research so that it is able to bank on its wealth of experience. Having painstakingly gone through the entire process from planting to harvesting, processing, storage and retailing, also combining the latest information with current technology first for itself, Jadek Farms is able and confident to open its doors to partners. It employs its acquired wealth of experience and skills into scaling as it invites investors who stand to enjoy their expertise as they cite and manage their farms in locations with the best soil types to support their farm produce.

Products And Investments Packages

At first Jadek Farms began their journey with Cashew farming and trading (later intercropping with maize) before further expanding to yam cultivation. A partner can outrightly own at least one acre of cashew in Jadek Farm city. Cashew trees begin to fruit in three years and continue annually to produce for the next 35 to 50 years. On the flip side, the yam packages include either a three-year lease of at least an acre of yam farm or also outright ownership for a lifetime. Farmers who have realized the potential of the Cashew nuts business in Nigeria have exponentially increased their worth by investing in cashew yet the benchmark it can reach and the enormous global demand for the cashew nut is not waning anytime soon. As for yam production, Nigeria is far from scratching the surface when it comes to exportation demand. Jadek Farms is currently looking to introduce other crops to investors in the nearest future. As soon as they pass the testing seasons, the new products and packages will be unveiled to their ardent partners and those who have heard of their good works will also grow to trust and rely on their ability.

How Secure Are The Investment?

Jadek Farms values are integrity, accountability, transparency and diligence all of which their partners attest to. The farms are also insured by Anchor and Leadway Insurance. For information, visit: Featured Image Source: Jadek Farms 
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This article was first published on 25th April 2021

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