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In the world of social media, Nigerians are taking to Twitter to highlight negative issues affecting our society with the hashtag #ItsNotOkay. There are no holds barred as people air their grievances on a variety of issues: abject poverty, rape, poor leadership, hypocrisy in Christendom and loveless relationships, just to name a few. The trending hashtag in question stems from an awareness campaign against societal injustices being held by Harvesters International Christian Centre (HICC) this August.

Read on to view our favourite tweets:

#ItsNotOkay for people to be exposed to this level of hardship — Harvesters (@harvestersng) August 11, 2015

#ItsnotOkay that the so called Christians are the best at discriminating. Show some true love #harvestersng

— IG: @MzPhabulousity (@MzPhabulousity) August 11, 2015   #itsnotokay to make films with little or no moral lesson or obligation #nigeriafilms#film4change@MissHalim — #CINEMAnuel (@kalasuwe) August 11, 2015

#ItsNotOkay, when you pay nothing for the air you’re breathing & yet remain ungrateful for life you’re giving.

— Damilola Babalola (@dammiebabs) August 11, 2015   At least 3 girls are raped in Lagos everyday. — Anosi (@AnosimeI) August 11, 2015

#ItsNotOkay that we are celebrating a 38% WASSCE pass rate!

— Daniel Iyam (@officialiyam) August 11, 2015   #ItsNotOkay to go through life without helping others to survive — Toyan Adeniji-Adele (@adetoyan) August 11, 2015   Read other tweets here
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This article was first published on 11th August 2015


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