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To Whom honour is due. If God is ALMIGHTY, why sign off a prayer with ‘ijn’?
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What is ‘ijn’? In Jesus‘ Name? Why can’t you write it in full? Where is the reverence? Where is the respect? Why does the world want to abbreviate Him? From Christmas to Xmas and now from In Jesus’ name to ‘ijn’. Are we too much in a hurry? Or are we now mates with God almighty? Do we just follow trends or think about what we do before doing it? It is ‘In Jesus’ Name’ and not ijn. He is Mighty. He is the Almighty.
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Imagine if your prayers are answered, and they are dispatched by an angel but are sent to s.i. or z.j. or l.j. Do you know that your prayers, though answered, may be delayed? Jesus is ever loving and kind so maybe these things do not really mean anything to Him, I don’t know. But what if it does? Do we put ourselves at a disadvantage by following the crowd and not doing things properly with our God-given minds? In our attempt to be ‘woke’, let us know how ‘woke’ is too ‘woke’. This is too ‘woke’. Things of the spirit are not meant to be desecrated. Our God is a loving God but he is also a consuming fire. Next time you want to pray or sign off a prayer, think about this. Featured Image Source: iStock
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This article was first published on 31st January 2021

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