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  Annually, the International Day of Peace is usually observed on September 21. Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1981, the General Assembly, two decades later (2001) would unanimously agree to observe September 21 as a period of non-violence and cease-fire among countries of the globe. All nations of the world are invited by the United Nations to honour the cessation of hostilities during this Day and also see to the observance of today through educating and creating awareness around the globe of the essence of peace to our existence as human beings and the entire universe.
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Also known unofficially as World Peace Day, today is devoted and dedicated to strengthening ideas relating to peace as the world goes on a 24 hours cessation of violence and cease-fire. With the theme ‘’Shaping Peace Together,’’ this year’s commemoration is geared towards spreading love, kindness, compassion, and hope in a period ravaged by COVID-19 which has left the globe with numerous deaths, sick people, and crippling global socio-economic and political life. The world is charged with the responsibility of standing with the United Nations towards fighting every attempt made at using the coronavirus as a tool to promote hatred and discrimination in all parts of the globe. More than ever, 2020 have made it clear that there is no need for enmity among nations of the world; there is a greater need for unity in combating COVID-19 as well as other challenges threatening global peace and security. COVID-19 which has seen the world been thrown into turmoil is a great reminder that what affects one part of the globe can affect every other part of the globe especially when we fail to unite and fight it.
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In a message in March this year, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, António Guterres, urged all warring factions in the globe to lay down their weapons and concentrate on solutions and ideas aimed at helping the world fight the unprecedented pandemic. Guterres’ message might be aimed at armed parties but it is a wakeup call for solidarity and cooperation across global borders, generations, and sectors to win the worst public health disaster of our time. While the globe continues making efforts aimed at eliminating the virus from the surface of the earth, our voices are more important now than ever. In a time when physical distancing is now the order of the day, the International Day of Peace, 2020, is committed to promoting and encouraging dialogue and collective ideas focused on defeating COVID-19. Source Featured Image Source: IFMSA
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This article was first published on 21st September 2020


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