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Air pollution poses great threat to human health and it’s attributed to be one of the greatest environmental health risk to man. However, it is also an avoidable causes of death and diseases in the world. In 2016, activities relating to indoor and outdoor air pollution, accounted for an estimated 6.5 million premature deaths throughout the globe. The negative impacts of air pollution are mostly felt in developing countries especially among low-income earners as it affects women, children and the aged population because they are often exposed to high levels of ambient and indoor air pollution resulting from cooking and heating with kerosene and food fuel. Owing to the far-reaching impacts of air pollution because of its ability to travel long distances, it has turned out to be a global problem that demands urgent attention. If this phenomenon is not aggressively confronted, the number of premature deaths from air pollution is estimated to increase over 50% by 2050.
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In a bid to address the challenge posed by air pollution and create public awareness at all levels, as well as encourage and facilitate initiatives towards improving the quality of air, the United Nations General Assembly during its 74th session on December 19, 2019, adopted the Resolution which established the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies to be celebrated annually on September 7. Today, September 7, 2020 marks history as it is the first observation of the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies. Without a doubt, activities as regards this celebration today will set the precedent for other years. Today’s observance is open to the United Nations, other international organizations, as well as regional organizations, and civil rights/societies groups.
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The major aims for September 7 are outlined below:
  • Creating awareness at the individual, community, government or corporate levels, that clear air is essential for the health of human beings, the economy, productivity, and the human environment.
  • Demonstrating the closeness between air quality and other environmental/developmental problems such as climate change and Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Encourage and facilitate solutions aimed at improving the quality of air through sharing knowledge of best practices, innovations, and success stories.
  • Gather global actors working on air quality in other to form a strategic alliance aimed at gaining momentum for concerted national, regional, and international approaches for advanced management of air quality.
Sources Featured image source: Today’s Environment
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