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  Every day, marketing keeps evolving, and so it is expedient that as a business, your marketing strategies evolve too, so your business can stay afloat.
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Innovative Marketing involves conducting market research into consumer needs, behaviour and trends as you develop changes where need be. In this post, we would be exploring 5 innovative marketing tips for your SME to help you retain your present customers as you gain new ones.
  1. Use Educational Content

Using both informational and educational content in your marketing strategy not only solves this problem of customers being sceptical about a company’s product, but also makes it easier for brands to connect with customers. As you go about this, feel free to share your expertise, this makes you establish yourself as a trusted knowledge and source, and also makes you stand out as an authority in your field. When this happens, your brand becomes the first customers think of when your niche is mentioned. Good for business isn’t it?
  1. Explore The Art Of Storytelling

Storytelling is a marketing strategy that is proven to always yield results. Simon Sinek, an author and advertising executive once said, “people do not buy what you sell but why you sell it”. Telling inspiring stories through ads helps to create a connection between you and your customers well enough to have them make decisions in your favour. If your brand can create a narrative in a way that grips the mind of your audience, capturing their attention would not be a problem. Do not forget that for your story to be compelling, it needs to be authentic, relatable and inspirational to your audience.
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  1. Attend To Your Customers’ Complaints

Customers having complaints about certain aspects of your business is no new thing. Doing your best to solve their problems is also a form of engagement and needs to be practised. Learn to offer solutions or at least, give options whenever possible. Whenever these issues arise as a result of mistakes from staff in the company, be sure it gets corrected and addressed from the source to make sure the situation does not repeat itself. Follow up is also very important to ensure that your customers are indeed satisfied. With a great balance of empathy, quick action and adequate follow up, you would be able to retain your customers even in ugly situations.
  1. Partner With Other Brands Or Businesses

Making connections and partnering with other businesses would go a long way in expanding your reach. Drawing a large audience all by itself would surely be a hassle, that is where partnering with another business comes in. This partnership has to be strategic and has proven ways of helping to build both brands’ visibility in the marketplace. Both parties can do this by launching a collaboration project or by featuring each other on social media with sponsored posts. You could also partner with an influencer who has an established relationship with your target audience and connects with the values of your brand. Remember, there is strength in numbers.
  1. Use Videos

Using videos to showcase your products or share knowledge that your customers can leverage is always a win-win. On social media, video content is a proven way to get people to engage with your brand. Short videos preferably. People are not so patient these days, but all it takes is one video to get their attention and then you would have them following through with your business. People also retain key information much more than they would with text content, thereby, making your videos have a long-lasting effect on the minds of your viewers. Featured Image Source: Arabian Business
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This article was first published on 17th January 2022


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