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  Nigeria, the giant economy of Africa, has taken a kangaroo leap in many ways; services and manufacturing lead the pack of major contributors to the country’s GDP.  Experts estimate that by 2060, the country’s population will surpass that of the US. This progress the country is making in different spheres (including Nollywood and Music) is indicative of a steady forward movement.
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While on the one hand, Nigeria is tackling challenges like inflation, a moderate growth rate, etc, on the other, it has leapfrogged progress in the renewable energy segment–an important indicator of strong growth headwinds. It is a fact that for an economy to grow, its energy sector has to grow at double the rate. For, e.g., if the country’s economy registers a 10 % growth rate, its energy sector has to grow at a 20% rate. Similarly, the spike in growth in the energy sector in Nigeria has opened up vast opportunities for domestic and international stakeholders in the blossoming renewable energy segment in the country. The power capacity addition has picked up in the recent past. To provide a further boost, the government has set an ambitious capacity of 30,000 MW addition by 2030.  Of which 30% will be from renewable energy (RE). The Nigerian government announced its target to achieve net zero by 2060. As part of the transition, the government envision creating a super-grid which is dynamic for renewables integration. This grid will integrate into the power sector. The planned grid will comprise 197GW of grid-connected solar, 11GW of hydropower, 10GW of gas, 34GW of hydrogen, 6GW of biomass and about 90GW of energy storage capacity in 2050. For Nigeria which is scoping large-scale electrification, renewable energy is a blessing. The best benefit of RE is that it can be set up as decentralized grids or what are popularly known as mini-grids. For example, the solar segment has made multi-layered drives in the country, and even industries are moving towards solar power. However, amidst these dynamic changes, a considerable knowledge, technology, funding, and trend awareness gap persists. This is where a high-quality exhibition-cum-conference plays a crucial role. These events bring together the entire value chain under one roof. While the exhibition allows generators, transmission companies, and discos to discover and choose the best products suited for the African region, the conference equips attendees with valuable knowledge. PowerElec Nigeria 2024 is one such platform, designed to connect stakeholders, foster collaboration, and drive solutions. With 125 international companies showcasing their capabilities and dedicated country pavilions like the Indian pavilion addressing the specific needs of African companies, the event promises to be a valuable resource.
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The underlying theme for the conference is “Vision to Action: Pioneering Sustainable Power Solutions for Economic Growth in Africa”. The Hon’ble Federal Minister of Power, Government of Nigeria, H.E Chief Adebayo Adekola Adelabu will honour the event with his inaugural keynote. The event will be graced by industry stalwarts like  
  • Sharma, Senior Energy Specialist – WORLD BANK
  •  Olawale Olaniyi Emmanuel Ajibola, PhD, REngr, FSEA, FIOGR – Director, National Centre for Energy Efficiency and Conservation (The Energy Commission of Nigeria)
  • Alhaji Ahmad Salihijo Ahmad, MD and CEO, of Rural Electrification Agency of Nigeria,
  • Edu Okeke – Managing Director, Azura Power West Africa,
  • Mahmud Kura – Managing Director, JOS DISCO, Nigeria,
  • Christopher Ezeafulukwe, CEO, of Abuja Disco,
  • Engr Sanusi Garba – Chairman and CEO, Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission
  • Ayo Ademilua – President, Renewable Energy Association of Nigeria (REAN) Board Member, Africa Mini-Grid Developers Association Nigeria (AMDA) – Founder and CEO, A4&T – Power Solutions,
  • Olalekan Olabode, Past Chairman, The Nigerian Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers – Lagos Chapter (NIEEE)  & Managing Director and CEO DOLEK ENGINEERING LTD,
  • Adeyinka Adewumi – Director Operations, EKO DISCO, Nigeria,
  • James Fabola, Chief Financial Officer ARNERGY,
  • Lawal I.A – Group Head, Electrical & Electronics Laboratory, Standard Organization of Nigeria,
  • John Van Zuylen, CEO, of the Africa Solar Industry Association,
  • Andrew Echono, FCA –  Country Program Coordinator, U.S. African Development Foundation,
  • Ebipere Clark – Managing Partner, Frontier Alpha LLP,
  • Adewole Lawal – Senior Manager Sustainability,
  • Mazars Chidi Obidike – Founder, PowerUp Renewables Ltd, Nigeria,
  • George Lee –  Country Manager, Marstek Nigeria,
  • Tatim Atam Ojuala – Sales Manager, Hinen Nigeria,
  • Mr Shah Nawaz Khan – CEO, AMPS Middle East FZC,
  • Yewande Oluwatoyin Akasiobi -Principal Manager Planning & Performance, Pacific Energy Co. Ltd & many more…
Jeen Joshua, Managing Director of Verifier, the organizer of PowerElec Nigeria 2024, said,
“We have conducted Powerelec in the African Region earlier. We realized the necessity to connect the stakeholders, which in turn will accelerate energy growth in the country. The industry has constantly appreciated our efforts and has been encouraged to hold PoweElec in newer geographical areas. This has given us the strength and courage to look at taking PowerElec to Nigeria this time. I would encourage you all  to visit, network and engage your potential partners from all over the world.”

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PowerElec Nigeria 2024, the exhibition cum conference, will be held from 20-22 February 2024 at the Landmark Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos. The Show enjoys support from AFSIA- the African Solar Industry Association which spearheads the solar industry in Africa.
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This article was first published on 24th January 2024

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