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“Doko Mien”, which is Ibibio for “Tell me” is a disco-influenced single by the UK-based group, Ibibio Sound Machine, from their upcoming album of the same title. It is a skillful blend of genres that leaves you with a feel of the discos of the ’70s, but with Ibibio lyrics. Ibibio is the dominant tribe and dialect in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. Trust me, “Tell Me (Doko Mien)” sounds very different from anything you have listened to recently, especially if you are a fan of popular African music. Eno Williams is the band’s Dynamic leader. The UK-born Nigerian is an accountant. She makes songs for the group, based on Ibibio folklore. She and seven others came together in 2013 to found the Ibibio Sound Machine and have, over the years, created a unique style by mixing electronic music, highlife, post-punk, disco, and funk, to create music that can best be described as Afro-Disco. At a time when artistes of African origin are abandoning their roots and embracing western influences, Ibibio Sound Machine have stuck to making conscious music in Eno’s Native Ibibio and English.
“We wanted to give people a reason to sing along, to find their soundtrack every day, we wanted everyone to feel as if they’re part of the music as well.” — Eno Williams
The new album, “Doko Mien” is expected to be out on the 22nd of March 2019 on Merge Records. The band is scheduled to tour the UK and North America from March 5 to May 24, stopping at 15 locations as a follow up to the wildly successful 2017 tour for their last album “Uyai” (Beauty). You can listen to some of the best songs by Ibibio Sound Machine here.

Tell Me

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This article was first published on 16th January 2019


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