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  Becoming tech-savvy in this technological age is just as important as being able to read and write. It is one of the most valuable skills, and will continue to be so as time goes. Some parents have acknowledged this and cultivated this desire in their kids so that they are best positioned for opportunities.
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The first way to infuse technological knowledge in your kids is to provide the necessary equipment needed to learn. Chances are that you have never purchased any device for your kids, but now, look at getting tech-savvy devices with an aim in mind. As soon as this is done, install coding apps and any other helpful app needed to sharpen their tech skills. Coding apps help to build logic skills in your child, as well as teach them valuable marketing skills, which can be used at any point in their lives. Other ways include:
  • Encourage Project-Based Games

The fun begins when you codify all the tech jargon into a language they will appreciate. Once you codify it as a game, it achieves its purpose whilst still maintaining its fun nature. You also introduce the act of completion and competitiveness into your kid as you encourage project-based games.
  • Introduce And Teach Programming Languages Like Any Other Language

Every language has rules, words and symbols that are akin to it. In the same vein, let tech languages be introduced and taught in the same way that parents will introduce a language to a child. It is believed that children at younger ages have the ability to learn multiple languages, so it is likely going to be easy to introduce programming to your child as a language.
  • Monitor The Screen Time For Your Kids

Find out what your child takes the most interest in online, and pay attention to his interests. This would help you ascertain the mode of transfer of knowledge that is most natural to your child.
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  • Educate Them On Digital Safety

Have conversations around the safety of the digital world and enlighten your child. Talk about the ills and advantages of the internet, as well as the power it has. You can also teach them how to protect their information and not be at any cyber risks.
  • Be Creative

Parents should not limit the discussion to being safe and responsible with technology, but also be successful users of it.  Find ways to use technology with families or encourage them to use it together through school-driven activities, events, fund-raisers, or other projects. Technology can be intimidating and seem complicated when you think of different ways to get it introduced to kids.  The job of teaching kids how to use it appropriately can feel daunting when oftentimes they seem better at it than most adults do.  So, we cannot afford to sidestep on the obligation to make technology a tool for kids to use safely and responsibly. Featured Image Source: Baby Center
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This article was first published on 19th January 2022


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