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There are different reasons why it is important to share your business story, but what would guarantee a positive response is how you to tell it. Your business story is one of the ways you can differentiate yourself in your niche. Use these tips to tell your story in a way that would be heard and enjoyed.

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  • Talk about new grounds you’ve broken

If your business idea was novel and you had to set a new trend, this is a good entry point for your story. You should create awareness about the usual progression of things in your niche and the difficulty previously experienced before the entry of your business.

  • Talk about your WHY

You could as well have been doing anything else with your time but you chose to venture into this business. There has to be a reason you are in it, something compelling that should be shared with your audience. Your audience will largely comprise people who can relate with your story.

  • Show behind the scenes

This is one way to humanize your brand. Showing behind the scene of your business activities help your audience see you are real and can be trusted. They suddenly get to feel like they know you and are privy to private parts of your life. People will most likely buy from vendors they know and like.

  • Give value

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Giving of value is not ambiguous. It is simply solving a problem your audience needs helps with. You give value by paying attention to the recurrent questions your audience asks, and addressing them adequately. You can also carry out a survey or encourage feedback through questionnaires. Value is not necessarily educating your audience, it is showing up for them in the way they want. It could be through entertainment, education, inspiration etc. Whatever way you choose to give value, ensure it is appreciated by your audience.
  • Share your reviews

As much as people get emotionally attached to your business with your story, it is not complete until they have tangible proofs that your strategies work. You have to get in the habit of sharing your wins, and your results. You also have to include a call to action in your story for those who want to take similar steps and achieve similar results. Success can be replicated and this is the objective of sharing reviews. Ensure that your reviews are authentic and verified. If you do not have services you have up for offer yet, you can test run your services with friends and document their results.

Once your business story includes all of these different factors, you will not only succeed in getting them to read your story, you will begin a conversion journey to sales. The best part of stories is that they can be shared multiple times and still have the same resounding effect on its listeners. Your story is one of the most important parts of your business marketing strategy and you can never go wrong with a great story told.

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This article was first published on 24th February 2022


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