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We’ve all experienced burnout at some point in our lives. The chances are high that you’re experiencing one right now, which has led you to click on this post. 

Thankfully, you now have access to some tips that can help you recover anytime you’re experiencing high levels of stress that leave you emotionally and physically burned out. 

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Here are some steps that can put you on a path to recovery from burnout.

Accept that you’re experiencing burnout

The culture of always being on the move is celebrated in our society more than ever before. You’re considered a hero if you work 4 jobs 70 hours a week, with little to no rest, as long as you’re making lots of money. 

This mindset makes it hard to identify and recognise burnout. A great step towards taking back control of your life is to acknowledge that you’re experiencing burnout. The signs can include mental & physical exhaustion, trouble falling or staying asleep, a decrease in sex drive, irritability, mood swings, and social isolation. Although these signs can be subtle, it’s important to look out for them especially if you’ve been overworking yourself or you’re in situations that result in high levels of stress. 

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Confide in someone

Sometimes it is difficult to handle personal issues all by yourself. Burnout can feel so overwhelming that it may seem impossible to come up with any solutions. And even when there are solutions, you may feel too exhausted to apply them. This is where the help of a trusted friend or loved one can be beneficial. Not only can this help you feel supported and less alone, but it can also provide you with additional support and ideas to destress. Unknown to you, your loved ones may have experienced burnout and, as a result, have some valuable tips for dealing with it.

Recognise your options 

Are you struggling with burnout due to working a stressful job? Perhaps it’s time to start looking for better offers? Are you stressed out due to a toxic relationship? Then it may be time to call it quits and look within for some self-love. 

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Most times, we compound the miserable feelings that stem from burnout when we feel like there’s nothing we can do to solve them. By realising that we always have options and the ability to choose, we can simplify the process of getting ourselves out of the situations that result in burnout.

Set boundaries 

Whether you’re facing burnout due to a stressful job or a toxic relationship, it is most likely the result of failing to set boundaries. Before helping someone or taking extra responsibilities, consider whether it would be detrimental to you in some way. Would it be a waste of your time and energy? Would it cause you to feel stressed and overwhelmed? A key aspect of setting boundaries is learning to say no, so if you receive a request that you don’t think you can commit to, you can politely decline.

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This article was first published on 27th April 2022


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