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  Welcoming a newborn involves a lot of rigorous prior preparations. A new baby coming into the family marks the beginning of a new routine and careful actions. This is because children require a lot of attention and care. This might be tiring and might drive a wedge between other members of the family, if not handled properly.
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The best way to avoid a mishap along the way is to carry out the following. Better still, draw up a checklist on the tips highlighted below.
  • Consult Experienced Parents

The first target on the checklist is to consult parents who have gone through the same experience. Feel comfortable enough to ask any question no matter how silly they may sound in your head. Friends, family, and neighbours are the best advisers in the scheme of things because they have the hands-on knowledge and understanding of the situation; they will be ready to give you the support you and your partner may need.
  • Talk To Your Partner

Provided your partner wants responsibility, it is recommended to involve him/her in your itemised decisions. This will provide a reliable support system along the way.
  • Spend Some Time With Your Other Children

A newborn child is more likely to have most of your time. Your older children might begin to feel left out in the care and attention. You can fill up this vacuum by spending more time and assuring them of your love. Make sure visiting friends and family do the same before the newborn eventually shows up.
  • Get A Help If Needed

As earlier mentioned, newborns will take more of your time. This means lesser attention to house chores, work, personal grooming and other responsibilities. If you feel overwhelmed with juggling between baby care and other tasks, feel free to request help. They might come in the form of a hand from neighbours, family, and friends. You can choose to hire in-house help, should you feel comfortable with the option.
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  • Shop For Household Items

Again, time will be very limited. Ensure to purchase all required household items in quantities that will last a long time. This is because it might be months before you get the chance to shop with a new babe coming.
  • Shop And Disinfect Baby Items

A newborn does not have a well-developed immune system and may be vulnerable to diseases. It is recommended that all baby items be bought and disinfected on time.
  • Accident-Proof Your House

Children are very impressionably curious about their environment. Because of these tendencies, they are likely to test the things that seem new and fascinating, no matter how dangerous. To avoid hazardous emergencies, remove all sharp objects or blunt sharp objects with Styrofoam.
  • Clean And Disinfect The House

Ensure that the whole house is clean and disinfected to protect the newborn from avoidable diseases. Finally, being a parent to a newborn is a very tasking responsibility, such that, together with your partner, you might be overwhelmed with the stress as time gets by. Whenever you feel depressed and frustrated, always remember the bundle of joy that awaits you as the child develops. Over time, you will definitely forget the stress of raising that newborn when faced with mentoring a teenager. Featured Image Source: American Heart Association
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This article was first published on 10th July 2021


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