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The thing about businesses is that there is always going to be competition. At this time and age, it is increasingly difficult for a company to hold a monopoly over other companies due to the ease with which companies can copy each other to create whatever they intend. This can spell doom for most businesses that have not found ways to stand out in what they do. They tend to lose their customers because they do not know enough to outgrow their competition.

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To outgrow your competition, you must learn to focus on your strengths. What is that edge you have over other businesses? It is important to get that before you begin to tackle any competitor. It is only by giving your best that you will go farther than your competitors. Focus on what your strengths are and maximize those strengths.

The next thing you can do is to have warmer customer service. Most companies like FedEx and the likes have poor customer service. When customers begin to complain about customer service, they lose interest in that business and find other companies that can give them what they want. This is where customer service comes in. Don’t provide the customer with a service because it is a duty, do it because you enjoy hearing from them. Your strength is that you are also focusing on their emotions, making them know that you are reliable whatever comes their way, and if there is an issue, they can rely on your business to sort it out. Warmer customer service also makes feedback easy to get from customers.

In addition, consider franchising. Franchising means that a business lends its name and structure for another body to execute in another location. It would help if you learned that you might not have the opportunity to spread yourself too thin, but what you can do is franchise your business to other people with more money and expertise.

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This keeps the company relevant, but reduces your workload. However, carry out a good research before you decide to franchise, as some agents may not be able to maintain the standards of your business.

An easy bonus for the road is to focus on investing in online marketing. While traditional marketing is about billboards, online marketing brings your products down to your consumer’s front door. You do not have to be all loud about your online marketing, but find subtle ways to keep your business and brand at the forefront of the customer’s attention, and they would always choose you whenever the need arises.

These are only a few ways to outgrow your competition wherever you find yourself. Business is also all about experimenting; therefore, find ways to experiment with novel ideas. Who knows, you might just hit gold.

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This article was first published on 26th March 2022


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